Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What Goes Around...

Yesterday was marked by a surprising little blast from the past.

Late in the afternoon, I was in my kitchen, singing along with the iPod and making homemade condensed cream of chicken soup. (It's quite delightful.)

So first off, here's the recipe for the soup, and here's the song. (Let it never be said I don't have my priorities straight when it comes to providing relevant details about my day.)

I turned around as I was singing for my supper, and behold, what did I see? The woman from about five years ago--the one who hassled me on my blog for... a year, I think it was?... because she thought I was trying to steal her boyfriend. 

She was parked in her car by my mailbox. Lights on, motor running, just sitting there.

Hunh.   (That's exactly what I said at that precise moment: "Hunh.")

I waited to see what she'd do. Eventually, she drove to the end of my street, paused for a minute or two, then turned the car around and quickly left. (I live on a dead-end street. She drives a big white Jeep. Navigating the turn-around takes a minute.)

As I was busily thinking "hunh," I decided to ask my neighbor if maybe a friend of her daughter's had been visiting or something, even though I had a pretty strong suspicion that I knew exactly what I had just seen, although I really didn't know why I would have seen it.

So I sent my neighbor a message asking her precisely that, and mentioned the big white Jeep. And then I opened my Facebook feed and saw that as I'd been writing my message, my neighbor had posted a picture of the note she'd just received in her mailbox.

From that woman.

See, the thing is, nearly two months ago now, the woman was campaigning for public office--again--and she stopped by my neighbors' house, looking for their vote.

Apparently, that didn't go well. The woman tried to hide the fact that she was not only a Trump supporter, but a delegate for Trump at the RNC last summer. She did this, I can only suppose, because she wanted to get a foot in the door when it came to getting my neighbors' votes.

My neighbors do NOT like Trump. (Nor do I, actually.) (Obviously.)

So yeah, the integrity thing with this woman? Not so much.

Long story short, when this incident occurred a couple of months ago now, my neighbors told her to leave, she argued with them, they told her to LEAVE, she argued with them. So they forcefully told her to get off their property, and then she (finally) left.

The point of her anonymous note yesterday? Well, it seems she had dropped by to gloat over the fact that Trump had won.

So yeah, the maturity thing with this woman? Not so much.

Because of the sheer coincidence of the whole thing, I knew she was the one who'd left the note, because I'd seen her. And I'd noticed her, because of all of those delightful, pithy pissy comments and random insights about the nature of love, life, and human relationships that she'd offered up on my blog back in the day.

So I told my neighbors what I knew and what I'd seen.

And they contacted the police.

Which means that, at this point, if she shows up at my neighbors' again, she can be arrested. The police advised me, via my neighbors, to please call them if I see her sitting in her car outside my house again, so we can all arrange it so that she can't hang out on our street anymore.

The moral of the story, boys and girls? Well, honestly, I think there are two morals here.

First, "once an asshole, always an asshole."

I mean, seriously. Do you really have no life and no hobbies and nothing better to do than sit in a parked car at sundown the week before Christmas, penning anonymous notes to people who are more or less total strangers to you, just to gloat about a Trump victory?

And using an exclamation-point smiley-face in said note, no less. (I didn't know anyone over the age of 13 still used those after 1985. Color me duly informed.)

The other moral of the story? "You reap what you sow." Big league (and/or bigly, depending on your hearing).

Because back in the day, this woman put her hot little fingers to the computer keyboard every chance she could, deliberately trying to sow a whole lot of anger and animosity and chaos in other people's lives.

She went out of her way to try to destroy a friendship of mine. And then she went out of her way to try to make me feel even more unhappy than I already was at the time, because of my godson's death.

But here we all are, five years later. My friend is my friend again, and has been for a couple of years now. He was actually over for dinner the other night, and it's probably a good thing she didn't happen to bump into him when he was, because I think he may have had a few choice words for her at this point.

But as I told him last night, it's just not worth the effort. 

She's simply reaping what she tried to sow in other people's lives, in her own life. Because what goes around, comes around.

And these days, a whole lot of anger and animosity and chaos seem to be coming her way on a regular basis. To such an extent that I actually find myself feeling sorta sorry for her (most of the time) now. And I've even begun laughing about her antics a lot more--and a lot more heartily and happily--than I did five years ago.

And that's a good feeling: to be able to look back at a shit-storm someone tried to spin your way, and just shake your head and... laugh.

I suspect she'd insist that we're all delusional and she's better and smarter and happier than the average bear, but "the lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Because the fact of the matter is, if you feel the need to drive to someone's house, sit in your car, and take the time to write a gloat-note, it means you're really terribly insecure.

And that you never actually feel like a winner, even when it looks like maybe you've won, somehow.

And really, that's just sad.

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