Sunday, July 10, 2016


I'm determined to stay focused and on-track during the month of July, so that August won't be a mad scramble to finish everything that should have been done during the summer in the weeks before school starts.

So right now, the top priority is writing.  And I think I've found a way to move through the various writing and revising projects, without making myself miserable.

I started a new knitting project.  It involves doing a lot of color-work and making approximately 24 motifs, like this one:


I know.  I think it's rather purty.  Each color-work motif is different, so you never quite know what the completed one will look like.  Eventually, all of them are joined to make a blanket that is even more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

I've decided that, each time I finish one, I'll post it in a blog post.  Since I'm motivated to do them, it means I'll gain blogging moment along with them.  And writing momentum in general.

In the meantime, I had this to contend with this week:

 I've made the picture quite large so that you can (maybe) see what the issue is: the deer are eating my flowers.  These are morning glories, and I woke up one less-than-glorious morning last week to discover that they'd been decimated.

Guess the deer missed the memo about the fact that they don't "like" morning glories.

The larger problem is, once they finished doing that, they began to nibble on my tomato plants.  So this is what I did to try to stop--or at least slow--their onslaught with those:

Meanwhile, in the back yard, I had to do a similar thing to keep the rabbits away from the new garden beds I installed there--like so:

For the record, installing fencing is really kind of a two-person job.

At least, that would have made it go a bit more quickly.

But in the end, it's done.  The good news is, since I'm not dealing with a fox-in-the-henhouse kind of situation, the fencing doesn't have to be absolutely perfectly installed.  It just needs to stay upright and block the critters so that my gardening efforts don't go to complete waste.

Because at this point, I'm finally beginning to see some of the fruits of two months' labor.  I've had kale and kale and more kale, but yesterday, lo and behold, there were also beans... and carrots!

So this is good, and we definitely want it to continue.

In the meantime, it's also blueberry season, which means that berries are ripe for the picking. Here are a couple of highlights of that:

They taste as good as they look. Really, really good berries this year. It's a tie between the cherries and the blueberries, at this point.

With all of this produce inspiring me, I think I will be inspired to produce. Less than 3 weeks left in July at this point--the summer is flying--and I'm going to take flight with it.

That's the plan.  And I'm determined.

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