Saturday, August 29, 2015

Harvest Time

I honestly don't know where the weeks are going.  I wanted to know, so I looked back at my photos, and this is what I found:

Then there was this:

Yes, it's harvest time.  And back-to-school time.  Next week is the first full week of classes. 

It's also the start of apple-picking season, in case you were wondering about that.

Meanwhile, I'm reading and getting back into the swing of writing--just not on the blog, unfortunately.  But I'm going to see if I can change that.  Just as soon as I finish these socks.

Because yes, it's gotten to a point where I have THREE DIFFERENT pairs of socks underway and on the needles.  This may be a sign that I have some kind of psychological sock problem.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that it is.  And yet, I don't care.

The final image of the post: some balsam plants that I grew for the first time this year.  It's an interesting plant and flower, I think.

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