Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Harvest

Okay, so last week went about as well as could be expected, what with a doctor's appointment and a medical issue.

But the good news is, by Wednesday night, things started to turn around--probably because a friend stopped by on short notice and we went out for pizza--and by the weekend I was back in the pool and back on the bike and back to being myself.

Because I confess, at one point during the whole... whatever that was... I started to think, "Am I just being a lazy wimp?  Do I just need to pull it together and cut the crap and stop whining and get cracking?"

In a word, no.  Now that I'm back to feeling like myself, I can definitely say, I was not feeling like myself there for a couple of weeks.  Funny how, once the tide turns, you start to think, "Okay, yes... this is what it normally feels like to be me... I can get stuff done if I feel like this...".

But one of the good things that did happen last week was the garden took off a bit, because we had a bit of a heat-wave.

I hardly dare say this for fear I will jinx it, but the tomatoes actually have appeared.  See?

I really don't want to say too much about them because, again, the jinx, but the top pic is of Polish linguisa and the bottom is of a charmingly-named variety called "Mr. Stripey."  (Who could resist that?)  Both are heirlooms.

Meanwhile, it's going to be Round Three for pesto-making this week (I've begun giving it away, I have so much of it):

The heat wave wreaked a bit of havoc with the cucumbers though.  Too much sun and it was simply impossible to give them enough water to handle it.  So I lost a couple of those, but there is this wee gherkin of hope:

The broccoli is, in a word, bitchin':

And I've been having regular helpings of kale for the past week.

This week, there will be carrots on the menu as well.

My neighbor dropped by and we chatted.  She asked me what this particular flower was, and I sagely told her, "I have absolutely no idea.  Obviously some kind of lily."

The story behind this startling feature of my garden: one year, I ordered a bunch of things from a garden supply company.  As a "bonus," I got a "free bulb."  (Yes, just one.)

So it arrived, in a little plastic bag, with absolutely no indication of what it was or how it should be planted or cared for.

So I said, "Good luck, Bulb!" and planted it.  For the past two years, this has been the result.  It smells amazing, and if you saw the stem, you'd say it looks like it belongs in a rain forest.  Apparently, I planted in the absolutely perfect spot.  It's an odd feature of my garden, what with there being just the one, but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality.

And I must say, it's so dramatic, if I had several, my garden might start to look like Land of the Lost or something.

So all this to say, in the end, there were some good things about last week after all.

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