Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Chilly Saturday

I awoke this morning to the knowledge that I would need to head out and run a few errands that absolutely had to be run this morning.  I insert that stipulation because, when the thermometer reads 15 degrees (Farenheit), it's hard to believe that any errands really "need" to be run.

But these did, so I did them.  And I must say, it was very heartening to be greeted by all kinds of people who knew that we were all collectively freezing on this chilly Saturday and who decided that the best way to cope with it was with the warmth of cheerful camaraderie.

Everyone was upbeat.  From the guy in the unheated farmer's market who told me, "I don't work here, I'm just standing here stealing from the space heater," to the guy who actually did work there who said "very good, very good!" to every request I placed and laughingly noted how every electronic device he needed to record the transaction was buried in interior coat pockets next to his body.

From there it was on to the store with the guy with the Australian accent--I'll admit, I've encountered him before and I probably enjoy talking to him (in all kinds of weather) precisely because of his accent.  He just sounds so good-natured.  You could privately regale me with stories of how he's in fact the world's biggest jerk and I must say, I probably wouldn't believe it.

There was nearly no one at the grocery store.  I don't know why: I guess no one really needs anything when it's that cold.  I suspect the thinking is, if you don't have it, you don't need to freeze to death to get it.

All told, my errands consumed a cheerful hour and a half, and then it was home to lunch and tea and the warmth of a roaring fire in the fireplace. 

I spent the afternoon in blissful defiance working on Desert Flower.  I'm only making it in a single color, though (maroon--or, if you prefer fancy color-descriptions, I can call it "merlot") and I'm using a nice silk yarn.

Why make a short-sleeve sweater in January, you ask?  Because sooner or later it will be spring.  Really.  I believe, therefore I knit.

Lest you worry that I've gone off the rails, though, I'll also acknowledge that I've started another project, Shire Aran.  Ah, yes, you're thinking now: that looks more like it.  By which you mean, no doubt, that it looks more like a January-project.

I also discovered several patterns that were inspired by Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (yes, really), so I'm making a couple of scarves.  I'll post pics just as soon as they're blocked and looking pretty and I have the software for my camera installed on the new laptop.  (I have to find the disc.  I think I know where it is, I just have to go look for it.  Soon.)

And on that note, I'll conclude by remarking that this entire blog post was written from the comfort of my couch.  Such is the wonder of a laptop that really is wireless (as opposed to one that was always only ever potentially so).

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