Friday, August 29, 2014

Winding Down and Starting Up

Classes started this week, so of course things have suddenly gotten rather busy.

I've actually been meaning to blog since Monday night, because I had such a wonderful weekend and got things off to a good start on Monday morning.

I went to visit friends in Boston.  We talked food and ideas and ate lunch and had a nice walk.  I even finished quite a bit of knitting on the train.  So all in all, it was the perfect way to wind down the summer.

Which flew faster than a flying monkey, by the way.

On Monday, I discovered that, miracle of miracles, my garden is actually doing okay and the tomato plants have actually--dare I say it?--recovered from their earlier over-watering.

I couldn't believe it.  I still don't quite believe it.  But it seems to be true.

If there's one thing I've learned from gardening, it's that you have to hang tough and face facts, but never give up hope.  Because while I've been despairing over the tomatoes, the rest of the garden has flourished and now, lo and behold, even the things I've despaired about have regrouped.

I had given up on getting eggplants: they just weren't getting any bigger and it just didn't seem like it would be possible for them to do much.

They have buds and small eggplants.  And we're getting a bout of summer weather right now, which is pushing everything to do what it hasn't done for months, i.e., grow.

So Monday morning was marked by a little harvest, like so:

My friend got me hooked on lemon water with fresh mint.  (Gone are my days of shamefacedly admitting to doctors that I "probably don't drink enough water.")  Ergo, there was also a little Monday-morning mint harvest:

And then it turned out that a pesto-production was in order, because the fresh basil was ready and waiting:

Needless to say, in my little world, these are all perfect ways of heading into the start of another semester.  But first, I'm going to kick back and relax and enjoy the Labor Day weekend.  As I mentioned in a previous post long ago, I used to have terrible Labor Day weekends--they always seemed to be marked by bad luck brought on by some dude.

This year, that's not an issue.  Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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