Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Looking Back

The past week has been a whirlwind.  So much so, that my cats have actually been letting me sleep in for the past couple of days. 

I think they've been reading the blog in their spare time.  Either that, or it's the somewhat later sunrise, but I suspect it's the blog.  People like to read my blog "in secret," so why not cats?

My best friend visited with her little guys last week, and this entailed a week of pizza and ice cream.  With a massive injection of Chinese food in there as well at one point.  And bowling, miniature golf, and mini race-car driving.  As well as a movie ("How to Train Your Dragon 2") and a trip to the bookstore.

And the beach.  Don't forget the beach.  With bags of salt-water taffy in hand when we left.  And a cookout.

Holy cow, it was fun.  I even had time to finish knitting a sock.  The only "bad" moment was when I discovered that the socks I made my friend's daughter wouldn't fit her: her feet appear to be growing quite quickly, since I made a pair of socks for her last spring that fit.

I thought the size would at least hold for the summer, but apparently, this is not the case.

But even that moment wasn't really "bad," because I simply realized that I need to turn them into fingerless mitts.  Which is what I'm currently doing, and it's going just fine.  I'll probably have enough for more than one pair, actually, which I don't think she'll be too upset about.

Yesterday, it was back to reality.  But in a way, a week of sheer, unadulterated play is never a bad thing, because it generally makes me willing to get back to work and not dither aimlessly.

So I got my courses set and ready to go.  Check.  And I did the last bit of file uploading I needed to do.  Check.  And I embarked on the very last phase of fine-tuning my promotion application, which is now due in less than a month.  Check.

I tried to get back on track on the fitness, but the pool was so full I couldn't swim.  When there are already 5 people in a lane, no one thanks you for jumping in.  At some point, it just becomes a bit pointless.

So I went for a bike ride instead.  That went well, except for the fact that I could feel the effects of the week's vacation and the pizza and the ice cream and the Chinese food.

I'll try for the pool again today.  But at this point, I'm set to enjoy my last "real" week of vacation.  It's always a wonderful and yet bittersweet moment when my friend comes to visit, because it is the highlight of the summer, but it is also the sign that summer has come to an end.  She stops in right before her kids have to go back to school, which means she stops in right before I have to go back to school.

But I'm looking forward to the fall, and looking back, it's been a godsend of a summer.  I couldn't have asked for a better one.

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