Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full Moon Thursday

It hasn't been a very eventful week.  I cleaned the house on Tuesday, but in a way, that was a bit of an event because I had actually let it get rather... bad.  It tends to get to that point more quickly than it used to, now that I have 3 shedding kitty cats.  I tend to blame it on them, because those fur-balls swirling around the corners of the living room aren't mine, they just aren't.  In response, they tend to point their paws at the tortilla chip-bits littering the floor all around the kitchen table, because those, well, those are mine, actually.

I went strawberry-picking, and the daquiris were quite nice, thank you.

I had my gutters cleaned.  That's not a euphemism for anything, I simply had the gutters on my house cleaned.

Today, I swam a mile and a quarter.  You wouldn't think those measly extra laps would count for that much, but I've been nearly dozing off all afternoon.  I hadn't been swimming in about a week: I've been biking instead.  But today was dreary and drizzly, and so, it was time to dive back in.  (Or sit on the edge of the pool and then hop in, if you want a more realistic description of the re-entry.)

The other morning, I got one of those horrible early-morning cramps in my leg.  If you've never experienced one, consider yourself blessed.  You wake up, stretch your leg and... SHIT.  Majorly painful cramp in your calf.  You can't walk it off, you can't rub it out, all you can do is curse and desperately hold on until it's over.

I used to get them almost daily (talk about a living hell), but lately, I haven't had one for a while.  (I didn't miss them.)  I've read it's "a potassium imbalance," I've read that it's "an electrolyte imbalance," I've read, "no one really knows what causes them." 

Anyway, the stupid things not only hurt at the time that they happen, but they cause my calf muscle to hurt for days afterward.  That seems truly unfair.  Anyway, I decided I would try to "swim it out."  (It didn't really work.)

I'm making a lemon ginger brew.  (This has nothing to do with the leg cramp, I've moved on to a new story.)  My house smells quite gingery right now: I have a recipe that uses this brew with strawberries, so that's what I'm going to try, eventually.

I noticed the Weather Channel's webpage is counting down the days until summer.  This completely confused me, because they posted the "First Day of Summer" Weather Forecast, and I thought, "Wait, what DAY is this?"  When I don't teach, it can be rather difficult to tell one Thursday (or Monday or Friday) from another.  I briefly thought I had lost an entire week, but no, it's still a week away.  

I think if you're counting down to the solstice, well, that seems a bit odd.  Harmless, but odd.  And on that note...

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