Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This is just a quick, 5-minute post, because that's how long the cake I have in the oven has left to bake.

Today has been a day of favorites.  I spent the morning and early afternoon writing--and it was a day when the writing went well, which is my favorite kind of day.  (Days when the writing isn't going well, on the other hand, leave a girl lying in a fetal position on the floor, whimpering things like, "I just don't know why.  I just can't.  That isn't what I wanted to say.  Why does it say that?")

I took a break mid-way through the writing session and went for a swim.  In a pool of course.  I'm not insane.  Or at least not in that particular way.

And I actually swam an extra quarter-mile, to make up for the fact that I didn't go swimming yesterday, because the weather-people kept insisting on using phrases like "treacherous conditions" and "hazardous roadways" and "visibility less than a quarter mile."  None of which proved to be true.  We got all of about an inch and a half of snow.

And they're still naming the storms.  I really don't know why.  I haven't met a single person who is happy about that development, but then again, there's a good chance that I implicitly screen for the type of people who don't want their storms named.

When I finished writing, I worked on my knitting and the sweater for my neighbor's grandson is washed and blocking even as we speak.  All I have to do is sew in the sleeves and sew on the buttons, and it will be done and good to go.

I then spent the remainder of the afternoon making the apple muffins that I love.  Only downside was, I forgot to spray the muffin papers with baking spray.  When I discovered this, I said, "SHEEEEyooooot."  And moved on with my life.

Because let's face it, plenty of people in the world live and eat muffins and don't have the luxury of baking spray, and if the muffins taste good, who cares, really?  And if I encounter someone who cares, well, they won't get another muffin from me and that's that.

The cake is out of the oven.  (Why do I feel like I just wrote the equivalent of, "The eagle has landed"?)  An evening of knitting and reading awaits.  And to kick it all off, some fun with Norah Jones and Dolly Parton.

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