Friday, December 20, 2013

"Almost Home"

As I've mentioned over the years, I'm a huge fan of Best Friends Animal Society and their No-Kill policy.  I adopted my two cats, Smokey & Freya, from a local shelter.  Smokey was nearly a year old, and Freya was about eight months old.

It was one of my best decisions EVER.

The artist, Moby, recently made a video promoting Best Friends and adoption.  Here it is.

Adopt.  "Save Them All."  Or, if you can't adopt right now, give a little something.

Or buy a little Christmas gift for someone (perhaps yourself?) from Best Friends' online store.  The t-shirt that Moby is wearing is smokin' hot.  I know, because I have one, and I look particularly, particularly good in it.

And no, it's not me, it's actually the t-shirt.  It's that good.


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