Friday, October 25, 2013

Official: Break

It is finally fall break.

For the past several years, our fall break has been about a week later than it used to be.  All I can say is, what a difference a week makes.  I'd like it earlier, please.

Granted, I did overschedule my month of October.  Granted, I did not plan to get a stomach-bug with an accompanying laser-beam headache that took me out of commission for an entire day right in the middle of my busiest week.  Granted, I took time out to celebrate my birthday.

But still.  Break.  Please.

My plans are pretty simple.  I have a ton of books to read.  I just started Frank Chin's novel Donald Duk (1991) last night, and I like it.  (Yes, I know I haven't finished the other novels I've started.  They're part of my plans too, obviously.  Yes, I know I'm way behind.)

I have writing to do.  Lots and lots of writing.  I have an article that I've been asked to revise and resubmit, so I need to sit down and do that.  Actually, I have 2 articles that are pretty much in that situation, and another that is well underway. I have classes to get ready and perhaps get ahead on, so I don't drown again in November.  I have a couple of conference proposals to write and a book review to draft.  I have to write a follow-up report for my summer project. 

I have a garden to put to bed for the winter and a lawn to take care of.  I have a couple of new knitting projects to do.  And yes, I'm going apple-picking.  No matter what.

I always feel like fall break is the last chance at peace and quiet before the craziness of the end-of-semester and accompanying holiday-season is upon me.  Although all the things I have planned probably don't sound like peace and quiet, in a way, they are.  As Fergie sang, "I can be with myself in center/ Clarity, peace, serenity."

Right now, the introvert in me is screaming for a break from meetings and conferences and get-togethers and... well, people, actually.  And I don't mean that in a bad way: it's just the way I am.  If I spend too much time around other people, I feel like I'm behind on my thinking, frazzled and irritable.

I need to recharge, and that's the only plan I have for the break.  To read and write and be by myself until I don't mind being around other people any more.  4 or 5 days should do it, particularly if a walk around an apple orchard is involved.

Today is also the birthday of my little godson and friend, Ezra.  We're all missing him and thinking of him so much today--and every day--and always wishing we could spend more time with him, the way we always thought we would.

So it's a good day for a start to peace and quiet.  A good place to start when taking a break from the noise and the clutter.

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