Friday, March 15, 2013

Life's Maintenance, Midpoint

Well, so much for having more time to blog this week.

It's been a good week, though.  I've been working on catching up on all the things I spent the past six weeks falling behind on, and I'm almost there.  A few more days, and I'll have it all caught up.

It warmed up ever-so-slightly last week, after a somewhat cold and snowy winter, and whenever that starts to happen, I go on a bit of a fitness kick.

Gone is the impulse to curl up under blankets by the fire, glass of wine and book in hand.

Instead, I start taking walks.  I went swimming (indoors).  I went skating (indoors).  I did weights (which I hate, so that's how I know it's the season).  If it warms up even a bit more, I'll be out on the bike.  I started thinking about restarting my boxing and my Pilates classes.

I also planted spinach, since it has to go into the ground early.  Last year, I put it in too late when I planted in the spring, and when I tried again in the fall, it was also too late.  So, no spinach last year.  We'll see what this year brings.  I planted onions and there's still asparagus and garlic from last year, so believe it or not, the garden is already underway for this year.

I confess, it hasn't been a very interesting week for me to tell the world at large about: very much an introvert's paradise this week.  I cooked.  I read.  I walked.  I played.  I fixed and finished and refined.  I touched base with friends, but unfortunately, none of us had time to get together, since my free time didn't coincide with theirs.  Life does this sometimes.

So I did all of the little life-maintenance tasks that we all have to buckle down and do at some point in our little lives.

And now that those things are (nearly) done, I'm hoping I'll have more time to read and think this spring--and hence, more interesting things to blog about.  Dewey's Readathon is coming up at the end of April, and I need to get cracking on my Classics Club List again.  I'm about halfway through a whole bunch of things.

And we're already halfway through the month of March, believe it or not.  Seems like just last week, it was New Year's.

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