Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Aftermath

I didn't get any further on The Salt Eaters.  I fell asleep.

I was too tired (and cranky) last night to blog about it when I updated yesterday's post, but it took a bit of time and effort to turn the tide on my day yesterday, and by the time it was all over, I was about ready to give up.

After I blogged at 4:00, I decided to make a nice fire in the fireplace and read, read, read.

As I was getting wood off the stack in the yard, a piece fell and landed on my foot.  It landed vertically, not horizontally, so it really hurt.  (For some reason, I have become convinced that, if it had landed horizontally, it would have hurt far less, but really, I have no way of knowing.)

It's a good thing we're well past the season for open-toed sandals here in the northeast, because I now have a major bruise on my right foot, one that initially threatened to engulf the last two toes of said foot.

I cussed a blue streak.  

I often think my neighbors must sit by their windows and watch me talking to myself and cursing as I go about my odd-ball business, occasionally injuring myself in the process.  I'm quite certain they laugh at the sight of me with my two cat carriers, doting on my kitties as I load them into the car for yet another road trip.

What can I say?  We're a team.  I only wish my other kitty hadn't died, so I could have all of them.

Anyway, the wood.  As I limped back into the house (doing my best to ensure that I didn't drop any other pieces of wood on that foot--or on my other foot, for that matter), one thought came to mind.

"Grilled cheese."

This is where I find the vegan lifestyle simply unfathomable.  In my experience, there are times when melted cheese is not simply a dietary choice, but an existential necessity.  I cannot imagine how one could do without it, and I think anyone who tries to fabricate a vegan cheese-substitute should be brought up on charges.

So I had grilled cheese.  Believe it or not, the bread burned while I was making it, but I caught it in time.

I was not to be denied at this point.  I simply ripped off the burned piece of bread (the cheese hadn't fully melted yet) and replaced it with a new, fresh slice that could be more appropriately toasted.

This made me nervous that, in fact, the tide had not been totally turned.  If there's one thing I know for certain, it's that desperate times call for desperate measures.  And so I made a batch of apple crisp.

Again, say what you like, but it is a fruit-based dessert (i.e., "healthy," in a very loose sense of the word), and the addition of butter and cinnamon and brown sugar to any fruit can never be wrong.  If it is, then I don't want to be right.

So although my Saturday was not quite as nice as my Friday, I did enjoy the Read-A-Thon, in the end, and I'm going to hope for better things when the next one rolls around in April.

And so far, my Sunday has been just fine.  I made cupcakes.  I refer to them as "virtuous" cupcakes, because they're carrot-cake cupcakes.  Some people would argue that the term "guilt-free" would be more appropriate, but in fact, it is not.

I refuse to link food with guilt.  Instead, I opt for a more proactive, positive stance.  These cupcakes are not simply lacking in the negative qualities associated with guilt.

On the contrary, I believe my carrot-cake cupcakes positively promote feelings of compassion and well-being, and thus encourage virtuous, right-minded action.

If I were to frost and then distribute them at the next meeting of the UN Security Council, they might very well lead to world peace.  And I would do it, too, but I'm out of cream cheese, and it's not like I can just throw on a pair of sandals and go get some.

So although things didn't go as planned yesterday, ultimately, I triumphed.  (This phrase can be my epitaph someday.)

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