Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back On Track

BrokenController.com is a scam. DON'T download my page from them: my site is always available at http://thinkingprof.blogspot.com

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, I found out that the site was putting links to my blog content on their webpage and indicating that viewers should download it if they wanted to read my posts.

There is NOTHING to download. This is how they install spyware and malware on unsuspecting computer-users.

What really sucks in the blogging world (in my opinion) is the extent to which ne'er-do-well's will take advantage of a blog's feed. I had reinstated my blog's RSS feed, and the amount of referrer-spam I began receiving doubled within hours.

Bastards. So I took it down. Again. It would be nice to be able to have a feed, but it just isn't worth it for the amount of "bad" traffic it brings to my page.

I can't speak for the other bloggers out there, but I like genuine readers, and I don't care about the "numbers." I was elated when the whack-job who hacked her boyfriend's email and stalked my site FINALLY took the bookmark to my feed off her computer.

She's one of those women who, if she doesn't have a boyfriend to stalk, will sit online all day long, whether on a laptop or mobile phone, desperately trying to get people to pay attention to her so that she can feel important, somehow.  For most of the past year, she didn't have a job either, so that certainly didn't help matters.

As a result, my blog was getting pinged constantly.   After her subsequent relationship failed last winter, she went back to regularly hacking her ex's email, and I ended up getting 1800 pageviews per month on my blog. When I found out about the hacking and reported it, my monthly pageviews dropped to 900.

So that's what I'm talking about.  A year and a half of that.

I was equally glad to get rid of her ex-boyfriend and his sister, who both pretended to be shocked and "sorry" at the way things had "turned into a mess."  Actually, both of them played pretty significant roles in creating the "mess."

So like I said, genuine readers, please.  And certainly not hackers, spammers or malware-pushers. Not cool, guys.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I actually had a very nice one, and that's two years in a row for me.

Last year, I posted about the fact that I think everyone has a "holiday" that seems to be riddled with bad luck for them. If you're somewhat lucky, it isn't Christmas or one of the other big, present-and-candy-receiving days.

For me, it's Labor Day. Ironically, I posted last year about how I had turned it around and had a wonderful weekend, only to have the stalker ex-girlfriend write a long message about how she was sorry her ex-boyfriend had "screwed me over," but that she had dumped him and "broken his heart" because she "simply didn't love him" "as much" as "he loved her."

She then went on about the rebound-relationship she was currently in, and the joys of once again finding a "mutual love." (Yes, they broke up. Of course they did.)

Soooo... that was an odd bit of fiction to dump in my Labor Day lap last year, and I ended up taking that post down because I didn't want to deal with additional crap.

I mean, who cares, really? You break up with someone, you leave. Or, they break up with you, you leave.

Either way, the end result is the same.

One of my friends commented, "This guy, his ex-girlfriends (all however many of them there are at this point), his sister, her ex-boyfriends... it's like the Hotel California. No one ever leaves."

I guess I was supposed to read the ex-girlfriend's message and begin weeping and wailing, "WHY?! WHY? My god, why didn't he love ME?" And then go about trying to get him to love me, somehow, anyhow.

Instead, all I could think was, "Thank God he didn't love me." Casually dating him was bad enough: I ended up spending two years fixing the problems it created in my life. I can only imagine what happens to the lives of women he's in a "relationship" with.

But the problems are fixed now, and as a result, my Labor Day this year was wonderful, and I can say so openly and freely, without fearing the reprisal of weirdos. It was actually a happy, healthy, productive weekend for me, and I was all the more appreciative of that fact because I remembered what had happened the previous year and the year before that, courtesy of the above-mentioned losers.

This year, I'm nearly finished with an article on Moby-Dick that is shaping up pretty nicely.  I finished a tank-top I was knitting, and it is perfect, actually.  Very psyched with it.  I also finished a hat and 3/4ths of a scarf.  I also have another top I'm working on, and I love the yarn and the style and the drape.

And then I found two more patterns I love, and realized I had the yarn to make those too.

If you're a knitter, you'll totally understand why this was a fun and relaxing and wonderful weekend.  If you're not, you'll just have to take my word for it.

I also found a good book and read like there was no tomorrow, and in the process, I came up with another idea for another article.  I bought a new mattress and made arrangements to get some windows replaced (so that I won't freeze this winter).

As Kahlil Gibran once wrote, "Work is love made visible."

The only down side was that I fell behind a bit on blogging, so I'm hoping over the next week to catch up. I've been reading a lot, and I've come across some interesting ideas that I just need to find time to write up.

So that's the teaser for the month of September. I still can't quite believe the summer is "over," but I'm looking forward to the fall. It's a chance to get back on track.

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