Friday, May 18, 2012

Holy Days

"Every day is a god, each day is a god, and holiness holds forth in time. I worship each god, I praise each day splintered down, splintered down and wrapped in time like a husk, a husk of many colors spreading, at dawn fast over the mountains split."

--Annie Dillard, Holy the Firm

Believe it or not, I actually started this post on Tuesday, but I've been worshipping each day like a god.  I picked strawberries on Monday, and had enough to make about 10 pts of jam.  One batch is actually strawberry and balsamic vinegar--just for kicks.  I like strawberries, I like balsamic vinegar, so why not?

Other worshipful practices have included biking to the beach daily and getting the garden in shape.  I planted begonias and carrots, and this weekend is lined up for more planting: I'm putting in two more raised beds, to hold the tomatoes, spinach and peppers (jalapeno and bell).  I have eggplant and zucchini already planted, and herbs: thyme, basil, cilantro, dill.

I've also started swimming and doing Pilates regularly, so the winter flab that prompted my friend's son to ask, "Are you pregnant?" will soon be a thing of the past.  I officially burned myself--once again, this year as every year, I begin the summer with the requisite sunburn X on my back, from the cut of the shirt I was wearing when I first forgot to put on sunblock.

My best friend is taking part in an Ultimate Hike this weekend.  So far, she's raised over $3000. for CureSearch, an organization devoted to finding a cure for pediatric cancer.  While the rest of us are sleeping or watching Saturday morning cartoons or what have you, she'll be hiking 28.6 miles.

So in case you had any doubts about how strong and amazing my best friend is, now you know: she's strong and amazing, in every way.

After a winter of making three sweaters, a couple of hats and another pair of mittens, I'm finally finishing up a couple of blankets--two that will go to Project Linus, and one that's just for me.  I'll put pictures up when I get around to firing up the digital camera.

I've been so busy tending the crops I haven't had much time to read, but that will soon change.  I finished The Return of the Native and I read Annie Dillard's Holy the Firm.  I'm working on Isabel Wilkerson's The Warmth of Other Suns, a non-fiction account of the Great Migration.

Holiness continues to hold forth in time.

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