Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warp & Weft

"The direction of a big act will warp history, but probably all acts do the same in their degree, down to a stone stepped over in the path or a breath caught at sight of a pretty girl or a fingernail nicked in the garden soil."
--John Steinbeck, East of Eden

It's been a really nice weekend, and Steinbeck's notion of the direction of small acts and their effects on history has been on my mind since I read the phrase on Friday.

The big events and the small are always interwoven in our lives.  So, in a month, the second of the two girls I babysat for nearly 20 years ago, will graduate from high school.

In June of 2010, when I was moving out of my house in NJ, I realized I couldn't find an amber pendant a good friend had given me nearly 20 years earlier.  I hunted high and low and never found it.  

I found it today, on the floor of my closet in RI.  I thought it had been lost, but it was with me all along, somewhere.

I woke up this morning and my kitty cat is better than he has been in a month.  He's actually eating again.  They truly do have nine lives.

I've been watching the flowers bloom that I planted last fall.  It's been chilly, but now the cold nights are tempered with the knowledge that they won't continue much longer.

I've been eating the berries I picked last summer, and enjoying the jams I made from them.  In all of these small ways, intersections of past and present mark the day.

I've finally had the chance to go swimming again, and remembering how wonderful that always feels.

I think about what the spring and summer will bring this year.  The books, the thoughts, the old friends to be kept and the new ones to be made. 

So much to see and to feel in the tiny cross-sections of time.  The direction of acts, big and small.

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