Saturday, April 28, 2012

Save The Frogs!!

"Marsh Frog at Sunset," Selena Vanapruks, 2011
Today is Save The Frogs Day!  The artwork in my post consists of selections from last year's Save The Frogs! Art Contest.

This year's contest runs until October 15, 2012, so if you have any artistic abilities (which I don't), draw awesome frogs and enter!

I feel particularly compelled to write about this because, truth be told, I was afraid of frogs when I was little.

Seriously.  They're green and bulgy and jumpy.  And they croak.

They still kinda give me the willies and I tend to stare at them in sheer horror.  Last summer I had quite a few of them in my yard, actually.

But I also know that they're extremely important amphibians and that they help keep the ecosystem running smoothly.  They eat the bugs that would otherwise eat us alive.  They eat the bugs that would otherwise eat all my plants.

They eat those damn meal moths.

"Don't Splat Our Habitat," Lauren Lucente, 2011
And the frogs are in jeopardy.  A recent ruling by a San Francisco judge indicated that the practice of draining wetlands endangers their habitat.

Really, it took a court order from a judge to tell us that? C'mon, people...

Meanwhile, the pesticide industry continues to attempt to dispose of its biggest economic rival:  frogs.

If we kill off all the frogs, after all, we can all buy tons of Raid and OFF! and Round-Up and eventually create disease-carrying, pesticide-resistant Super Bugs that nothing will kill.

And then the pesticide companies can charge us lots of money for pesticides designed to kill the bug problems they helped to create.

I'll stick with green and bulgy and croaky and jumpy.  I can handle the heebie-jeebies just fine, thank you.

If you'd like to do something (and you should), you can convince Congress to ban Atrazine by clicking on the link and filling out the form.

Atrazine pollutes the ground water and has been shown to chemically castrate male frogs.

Come on, guys.  You have to help. 

For the men out there: how would you feel if you went out for a beer one night and came home chemically castrated? 

I think you'd be pretty upset. (Brings new meaning to the notion of a "Girls Night Out.")

"Jeremiah was a bullfrog--was a good friend of mine. 
I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine.
And he always had some mighty fine wine."

Joy to the World.  Save The Frogs!

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