Monday, October 10, 2011

Tomato Sauce and Aerosmith and Other Random Things

I think I have been busier in the past month than I have been in a long time, if the infrequency of my blog postings is any indication.  There just doesn't seem to be time to write, or if there is, there isn't time to read something interesting and then write about it.

In short, the semester's ON.

I spent the weekend finishing up the last of the summer's canning extravaganza.  I finally made the last batch of tomato sauce from my garden tomatoes.  I ended up with about 10 quarts of it, I think.  It's all a blur.

And, as always, I found that the key to the entire process is finding the right band to listen to.

I'm not sure why the (really rather obscene) lyrics of "Walk This Way" seem to be particularly good to sing along with while processing tomatoes in a food mill, but that has been my own personal experience.  (When it comes time to stir the sauce, though, you need to switch to "Sweet Emotion" or "Dream On," I find.)

"Schoolgirl sweetie with a classy kind of sassy..."

On an odd side note, while I was looking on the web for "Walk This Way," I found someone who actually wanted to know what the lyrics meant, because they didn't know. 

They were told.  So now someone has some serious new knowledge to consider.

I find that looking at the comments on videos on YouTube is often more fun than watching the video itself.  My favorite was an instructional video for the macarena.   

It was truly bizarre: a British woman was demonstrating how to do the macarena and around her were various children in disco-type outfits who repeated the various dance steps with her.

A commenter wrote, "What the fuck am I watching?" 

And really, that pretty much summed up the entire experience.


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