Monday, August 22, 2011


My best friend wrote this tonight in the online journal she started after her son was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She's been writing in it intermittently since he died.

"Are you someone who believes that you might encounter a 'sign' from a loved one who has passed away?   By sign I mean like your loved one's spirit might appear to you in the form of say a butterfly, or a rainbow, or a bird, etc.  No, I am not either, in fact I stated that belief or non-belief only a little over a week ago.  Normally I am way too unsentimental and too much of a skeptic for that kind of thing.    However, I began to wonder just a little.  Last Thursday, my mom and I were walking on the Greenway and a little bird caught our attention.  We thought at first that it might have been injured, but it wasn't.  It allowed us to get within a foot of it.  I got out my camera and was able to get a photo of it.  It flew toward the lens several times, and even bounced into my camera.  It never flew away, was in the same spot after we looped back, and it ate a green caterpillar.   Maybe. . . . .  Just maybe."   

I have my own story: after my dad died, I dreamed that he called me, cheerful as could be, and when I started to cry and said, "But I don't understand, you were so sick and then you died," he said, "Oh no, no... it's okay.   I'm okay.  It's all right.  I'm all right.  Same as always.  It's good to talk to you."

And then he laughed.

I have never had a dream, before or since, where I felt like I heard someone's voice like that.

When I heard the laugh, I knew.  Only my dad laughed like that.

I really do think they find a way let us know.  They always do. I'm not spiritual, but for some reason, I think that this is just how it is when someone we love so much leaves us.

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