Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been trying to get my gardens back up to snuff since I came back.  This year things ended up pretty haphazard, since I was away a lot.

But I put in some coral bells in the shady spots:

And the eggplant is doing very well:

And the surprise of the summer: my cantaloupe plants (that I never meant to buy--they were mixed in with the eggplant) are actually producing... cantaloupe!

I think a lot about Ezra when I garden.  He put in a little garden this spring, even though I think he knew that there was a good chance he wouldn't see it through the summer.

He didn't care if he ate what he grew, he said that "it's the beauty of having grown it myself" that was important.

My brother called today: his big, goofy, ding-a-ling dog died last night.  He had been sick for a little while, but he was big and goofy and wonderful right up to end.  

I think about the fact that a dying child can express insight into what we all so regularly forget.

That our place in the world is both fleeting and beautiful, and that catching brief glimpses of this beauty and this transience is what matters.

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