Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Miscellany

Still grading... but into the home stretch.

This was the other big project for the weekend: installing my raised garden beds.

The hardest part was getting them level, since the yard clearly is not.

Meanwhile, my seeds have suffered dampening off and died.  GRRR.  They were doing well, and then... not.  I'll figure something out, but right now, I'm just mad at them.  (Anger is the first phase of grief.)

Here's the other afghan I made this winter for Project Linus:
Pretty cool pattern, made to look like sheaves of wheat.  I like it.

My neighbor's cat likes to stop by and say "hello," but my cat is not pleased by the idea of my receiving other feline gentlemen callers (or human ones either, for that matter). 

No matter what the species, it always results in a staring contest.

Mine's the puffed-up and indignant orange guy.
What can I say?  We adore each other, end of story.

My only other thought today, is that my best friend is the absolute best mom in the world. 

I know plenty of you ladies out there are thinking you've done all right for yourselves this past year and you deserve kudos for it, but there's just no way you're in the same league with her.  Raising three children after finding out your eldest has brain cancer?  C'mon. 

Don't even try to argue this one with me.  No way you'd win.  Ever. 

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