Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Comments for a Friday

Let's just say, I've pretty much had it with Ken Salazar at this point.  Okay, it's true that I've pretty much had it with quite a few politicians at this point, but I'll start with Ken because I'm mad about the wolves.

And the bats.  And the butterflies.  And the horses.  AND THE JAGUARS, you filthy bastard.  (I'm a cat-person.)

Does he even like animals at all?  I mean, besides cattle that are being raised for slaughter? 

Did something bite him at some point?  Given the chance, I'd do it.

If only my spit contained a fast-acting neurotoxin...   

By "land management," Salazar clearly envisions wide stretches of the American landscape devoid of all native wildlife.

I for one can't wait.  That should look just great. 

Of course, we may not be able to see it all anyway, once the polar ice caps melt.  But at least we didn't use The Endangered Species Act to address the problem: that's the important thing. 

I suppose we can always just paddle around in our canoes in the sweltering heat and imagine what used to live there.

If you've also had it with Ken, you can check out this petition:

In other news, I found out this week that broken pieces of vinyl fencing are quite sharp, actually.  As in, knife-like.  Thanks to Band-Aids and Neosporin, I should survive what I accidentally did to myself.

I'll let you know if gangrene sets in.

I'm reading about ten different books right now, including Newjack by Ted Conover.  It's about an immersion journalism experience: when they told him he couldn't follow a recruit through the training program at the NY Corrections Academy, Conover took the civil service exam and attended himself.

And then he decided to spend a year working as a Corrections Officer at Sing Sing, so that he could write about the experience.

My favorite comment: "Every other public building in the country was eagerly associated with the glory of a leader or, in recent years, a corporation. ... But there was no Microsoft Men's Correctional Facility, say, and no Reagan Center for Juvenile Detention.  Prisons were usually named after places; their buildings, after letters of the alphabet." (70).

The WorldCom Women's Detention Center.  It could work.

Finally, I wonder if Jeff Immelt has finished doing his taxes.  I think this AP Photo  by J. Scott Applewhite pretty much says it all:

"We do like to keep our tax rate low, don't we?"

Okay, I'll admit, the caption is my creation.  But Immelt did say it.  Here's a link to the original article and photo in the Washington Wire section of The Wall Street Journal.

Luckily, I still have plenty of lawn to aerate in my back yard this weekend.

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