Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Things

One of the things I love about having my own home is that there's always something to do.

I know to a lot of people, that's exactly what's so annoying about home-ownership, but for me, it's kinda fun.

I think some of it stems from my darker life-experiences.  Trust me, after you've kept a death-bed vigil not once, but twice, needing to get a repair-guy in to fix something and having bills to pay is nothing.

At least it's something you can repair, and at least it's only a bill.

Really, it's only a bill. You're not watching someone you care about die.

I think one of the results of this kind of experience is that you notice--and savor--a lot of very small things, and the small things end up adding up.

I think that's also why the only thing that really gets me down anymore is when people are rude or unkind to other people.

Life's so short.  It shouldn't be spent making other people unhappy for your own betterment or to salve your own ego.  And even if you do it unintentionally, that's no excuse at all, in my book.

I say, get a clue.  Life's too short to spend it being oblivious of other people's feelings.  It's no way to live.

So anyway, I've spent the past two weeks or so getting the house and the yard ship-shape for spring.  I've planted begonias, dahlias, peonies, dianthus, columbine, nasturtiums, portulacas and poppies.  My seeds are coming up, so it looks like, if all goes well, I'll have a garden with tomatoes, peppers, basil and rosemary, plus I'm going to plant dill, thyme, and cilantro.

Next weekend, I'm going to pick up and install my rain barrels.  I'm excited about this: I'm hoping they'll be full so I can use them instead of the hose when I need to water my plants this summer.

I'm also going to join a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture), now that I have a C of my very own.  I think it'll be fun to stretch my cooking skills by having to roll with whatever the week's produce brings in.  Plus, I can supplement from my own garden--that's the plan anyway.

I also bought an electric composter.  I know electric means it's not "green," technically, but apparently this uses the equivalent of about 50 cents worth of electricity a month.  Given that I'm barely on the grid as it is (no TV, no stereo, never use the dishwasher, never use the dryer), I think I can let it slide.

It would probably work a lot faster if I stopped opening it to look at what's happening.  I think it's working.  I never thought I'd be so excited about decomposing garbage, but if you had seen me this morning, I was marveling about how, "it doesn't even smell!" and "you can't even tell it was garbage, in some spots!"

I also found a way to make my own compost pail (following advice found on, instead of buying one, so that made me happy.

Like I said, little things.

I will resist the temptation to take a picture of the compost-in-process and post it here on my blog.

But I may take a picture of the blankets I've been working on this winter to donate to Project Linus.  They're having a big blanket-drive for the national headquarters, so I think that's going to be one of my summer projects. 

I love to knit, but oddly enough, except on rare occasions, I tend to give things away after I've made them.  Obviously, I already have a ton of stuff of my own, so it seems silly to keep more things for myself. 

I'm also writing up my NEH grant proposal, finishing up classes, getting ready to visit my best friend in South Carolina, all kinds of stuff.

I do enjoy spring.  Enjoy it too, everyone!

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