Friday, January 28, 2011


This week, when I haven't been shoveling (which has been pretty much all the time) or driving 2 mph on ice-covered roads (which has been more often than I would have liked), I've been thinking about this picture:

It's my friend's son, back in October, when he was in the hospital.

I think about his smile.

If I had a drainage tube in my head, a tumor on my brain, and an 8 hr. neurosurgery just around the corner, all of the drugs in the world probably still wouldn't get me to smile. 

Flip somebody off for taking my picture, yes, absolutely.  Smile?  Oh, I think not.

Kids are something.  I was a nanny for four years, and I have always thought that when I die, if I go to heaven, I'll be a nanny again to my little girls and to all of my friends' children. 

You get to see the world all over again when you see it through the eyes of a child.  Even the bad stuff looks different.  And the good stuff looks awesome.  Always.

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