Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Official: We Are Weird

Okay, so in my Internet ramblings over the past several days, I came upon something that is, in my opinion, truly odd.  And let's not forget, I'm the one who had Stinkhorns in her garden last fall.

For the child or child-like adult who already has everything, you can now give a unique kind of stuffed animal.  It's not actually an animal.

It's not a Beanie-Baby, not a Cabbage-Patch Doll.  Gone is the craze for Tickle-Me Elmo.  Barbie who?

Now you can give them a GIANT Microbe.

What parent wouldn't want to know that their child is going to bed tonight with Chlamydia or the ClapAnthrax is very cuddly-looking, and Flesh Eating has its own cute little knife and fork.

For anyone interested in history, there's The Black Death or Cholera.

I was prone to Earaches as a child, and I think if you had given me this when I was in the midst of one, I would have stared at you blankly and then started to cry.

And if I had ever known that this is what Food Poisoning looks like, I'd have barfed an extra time or two.

My personal favorite: Gangrene.

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