Monday, October 4, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I have a little house that I love,with a pretty little yard and several flower beds that I enjoy tending.  So, imagine my surprise last Sunday morning when I was walking around the yard with my cup of hot tea, surveying my kingdom, and discovered several of these lining my flower bed:

According to (which is where I found these images, which may be subject to copyright), these startling fungi, known as "stinkhorns," can suddenly sprout up out of nowhere and grow to almost 10 inches in a few hours.

Imagine that. 

Blushing profusely, I ran for a shovel and quickly and discreetly dumped them over the fence into the yard next door.  Children sometimes play in my yard.  I can't have X-rated fungi, I just can't. 

There's probably an old Blue Law still on the books somewhere that prohibits unmarried women from having mushrooms like these in their yards.

But apparently, they can be persistent little buggers, popping up again and again in the most untimely and unsightly fashion.  I found a few more this Sunday as well--for some reason, Saturday night brings them out in full force.

Apparently, if you don't want to touch or handle them, you can simply pour boiling water mixed with bleach on them, and that will solve the problem.

Or, you can dig or rip them out by the roots, and then pour boiling water mixed with bleach on the ground and that should also solve the problem.

And yes, they are edible.  Sometimes they're used in making face cream.

Mother Nature is definitely a single girl with a sense of humor.

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